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The Alberta Surgical Centre is one of the longest operating non-hospital surgical facilities in Alberta. It is fully accredited annually by the Alberta Dental College, College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta, and by Alberta Health Services. With our experience and dedication and our professional staff you will always receive the best possible care.

Our friendly and qualified nurses and anesthesiologists are on site to answer any questions or concerns you might have on your day of surgery and will make you feel comfortable both before and after your operation.  

Whether you, yourself are the patient or if you are a parent bringing in your child for a pediatric dental procedure, we offer a pleasant atmosphere while you are waiting.

Out of consideration for our patients, please remember that no food or beverages are allowed in our waiting rooms as most patients are fasting. Thank you!

about us and our facility

Pediatric and adult dental surgery:  corrective and restorative procedures 

Plastic surgery:  cosmetic or reconstructive

ENT, nasal and sinuses 

cataract surgery

Orthopaedic surgery:  diagnostic and reconstructive

Urology:  vasovasotomy and circumcision

Dermatologic surgery