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Owners and Anesthesiologists
Dr. Byron Unger & Dr. Michael Jacka
Pediatric Dental Surgery
Dr. Richard Caldwell
Dr. Deb Crowfoot
Dr. Mai Diab
Dr. Marie Gosselin
Dr. Richard Graham
​Dr. Brian Lam
Dr. Tamineh Rastegari

Dr. Zahra Kurji
Dr. Adam Palmer
Dr. Darsi Perusini
Dr. Fardad Moeinvaziri
Dr. Omar Mohammad
Dr. Maria Ray
Dr. Andrew Wong
Dr. Morley Kutzner

Dr. Jaggi Rao
Dr. Derek Bochinski
Dr. Mike Chetner
Dr. Eric Estey
Dr. Howard Evans
Dr. Gary Gray
Dr. Blair St. Martin
Dr. Peter Metcalfe
Dr. Keith Rourke
Dr. Gerry Todd
Dr. Kal Ansari
Dr. David Cote
Dr. Eddie Eksteen
Dr. Raiyan Chowdhury
Dr. Andrew Morrissey
Orthopaedic Surgery
Dr. Paul Leung